Here is some stuff I've done recently

  • The Illuminator and the NYC Light Brigade collaborated with Ai Weiwei to project a message of free expression on the Brooklyn Museum

  • As part of a residency at PS122, we created an evil corporation to make a point about surveillance with LYFE™

  • I was interviewed on NPR's All Things Considered for shining a light with the Illuminator on NYPL

  • Ai Wei Whoops! - Destroy your own million dollar Ai Weiwei urn!

  • #textmebb - An interactive installation centered around the "selfie"

  • Writing some light graffiti with the artists of 5-Pointz after the owner of the building had it painted white.

  • A poem generated by my NSA Haiku Generator ;-)

  • Projecting the Anon mask on the detention center where Jeremy Hammond was being held in November before sentencing.

  • Teaching a recycled media workshop at NYU. We dismantled a VCR and had some fun.