infrequent updates

  • October 10, 2015

    Anne Cécile of ARTE interviewed me about The Illuminator and NSA Haiku, alongside Jeff and Andy of the Edward Snowden Illegal Statue in Ft Greene Park. It’s very French.

  • September 21, 2015

    We cut a video out of the projections we (The Illuminator) have been doing the past week in service of the Climate Week of Action, leading up to the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (and see you there!)

  • September 17, 2015

    I just came back from installing an untitled generative art piece at CultureHub. The opening is tomorrow night and while I can’t make it, there will be beer. Come hang out with the great people who make that place possible.

  • September 1, 2015

    I’m back in the states after a ten week residency with Hexagram/TAG at Concordia University. At the end of our stay, we were asked to further develop a project from the previous seven weeks. I teamed up with Mónica Rikić, Jessica Blanchet, Dawn Hang Yue Wong and Peter van Haaften to create WURM: Escape from a Dying Star. It’s an experimental and highly immersive game based around communication. The audiovisual system is generative, and a transducer speaker makes the pilot seat feel like a Universal Studios ride. See the project in all its glory (including a video) here.


  • August 8, 2015

    Wrapping up a residency at TAG/Hexagram at Concordia University. This third collaboration between myself, Tony Higuchi, Dawn Hang Yue Wong, and Amanda Tom is a cynical take on Dance Dance Revolution.

    Protest Protest Revolution is a multiplayer game influenced by our collective experiences as both participants and spectators in the Maple Spring in Quebec, the Indignado Movement in Spain, the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York, and the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong. The incongruous elements of humor, violence, confusion, and collective action which find unlikely intersections during political protests are present in this cynical homage to Dance Dance Revolution. Players must use spray paint, bang casseroles, take photographs, use umbrellas, take down drones, and throw back tear gas grenades to achieve victory. Otherwise, it’s back to electoral politics.


  • July 22, 2015

    I just finished an interactive site for my friend Anna Barsan. Signified is a web documentary series and digital archive featuring the stories of LGBTQI artists and activists. Check it out at


  • July 9, 2015

    My team is currently working on a game based around a typical childhood dream in which you enter a spacecraft destined to save the universe. A generative audio-visual system and Arduino controlled physical controls place you in a highly immersive game world which tests your mental faculties for two minutes. You can read a short interview about it here.

  • June 9, 2015

    Went to check out the Creative Technologies exhibit at Macy Gallery today, seeing as how I can’t make the reception on June 19. The work was really incredible, I’m honored to be a part of it and share a corner with Golan Levin. If you are reading this, you should really check it out.